Globalization leads, permanently, to the development of new products. To comply with this process successfully, advanced technology and a financial structure, in which the support of national and international banks is vital, are required.

The financial relationships established by our company over the years are based on a record of compliance of financial commitments and transparency in accountability, which has enabled us to develop strong and ongoing relationships with our financial partners.

In the implementation phase of our projects, we have been supported by the financial resources of banks with which we have developed a better understanding of challenges of the pharmaceutical world and the peculiarities facing our company.

The financial institutions with whom we work in Costa Rica are: BCT, Davivienda, Citibank, BICSA, and Bank of Costa Rica. Outside we have a relationship with Merrill Lynch and MorganChase, both banks headquartered in the United States, and DEG in Cologne, Germany.

All employees assume responsibility for meeting our commitments and objectives, understanding that we are all actively involved in the healthy functioning and administration of the company’s resources.