Over the last three decades, we at Stein laboratories have grown and we have grown in an important way.  We evolved from a family based project to a large Corporation. Allow me to say it: We are today a Costa Rican pharmaceutical company that evolved globally and that is in excellent condition.

Our commitment with the values of quality, excellence, ethics, permanent innovation, the development of our human resources, social responsibility and accountability, have been and will be the way that leads us on the route to success.

Of course, we speak of success oriented to the benefit of the business models that we have undertaken, but specially, our success will always be determined by the contribution we make in favor of human life.

The work of the last 36 years has allowed us to make the leap. Today we are a Corporation with the capacity to offer intelligent and global responses.  We are a business platform based on human talent that leads us to the creation of a unique model, synchronized in values and challenges, with our regional and Latin American presence.

Thank you to the members of our Board of Directors.  The success in the leadership of Stein Corporation goes through your wise decisions.