We promote continuing medical education, research, technology and pharmaceutical development through agreements with national and international organizations such as the University of Buenos Aires, University of Costa Rica, UCIMED and National University, among others.

Some researches that we have developed are the study of Naproxen application in the prevention of skin cancer, research of glucosamine synthesis from shrimp shell, and in vitro and in vivo bioequivalence studies.

Currently, we are working on the development of an antibiotic from a natural source.

We believe in the importance of updating in the medical field, since day by day paradigms are demolished and new challenges arise. Therefore, we developed updating modules in the treatment of diabetic patients for the medical and pharmaceutical professionals.

Our concern as a company about bacterial resistance, has led us to investigate how to attack with natural products respiratory and bacterial diseases, both in humans and animals. These developments have as a source of raw material the waste from other agro industries that currently have no use.

•Extraction of Chitin from shrimp skeleton.
•Use of Biomass for the treatment and prevention of mastitis.

Internally, we have been working to protect the environment through innovation and development policies, ensuring a cleaner production, through:

•Promote continuous improvement philosophy and Triple R (reduce, recycle and reuse) in all operations of the company.
•The project to replace organic solvents in the application of coating in tablets by use of aqueous solutions.
•Reducing the use of solvents through validation of analytical methodologies in the area of ​​quality control.
•New designs of packaging materials towards a biodegradable technology.