In Stein Corporation, we have an effective system that allows us to manage and improve the quality of our products and services.

We have well defined clear policies, responsibilities and lines of authority and we are a company that strives to maintain a modern infrastructure and excellent work environment.

The decision to improve requires us to meet the needs of our customers; to us the continuous improvement is a norm. To talk about Stein is to talk about quality management.

We were founded in 1980 as a Costa Rican company dedicated to the production and marketing of medicinal products for humans in the domestic market, but now we have evolved to a Corporation that covers various fields of pharmaceutical work.

In 2000, our reputation enabled us to initiate a process of business expansion that today is translated into strategic alliances with laboratories of worldwide extensive experience.

We expanded our product portfolio and began to represent other pharmaceutical companies of international prestige.

Successfully, we face the challenge of breaking the barriers imposed by the social and cultural diversity in health, and supported by a team of talented men and women we lead a process of change and expansion attached to the highest principles of ethics and corporate transparency.