One of the challenges we face every day is the search for alternative channels that allow us an approach to the final consumer. It is essential a deep understanding of our environment, the development of market intelligence and above all, a very high dose of creativity.

This concept allows product tropicalization, designed according to the needs of local or regional consumers.

We constantly monitor our competitors and we use traditional techniques and tools such as statistics and market research.

Given the cultural, political and economic diversity of the regions in which we work, increasing professionalism and expertise of our staff is required to provide an effective and efficient response to all market players.

Stein Laboratory considers of vital importance to study the behavior of the Product Portfolio (PPM), comprising the life cycle of a drug, which is why we are incorporating this strategy to our Marketing Department.

Business Model

Stein Laboratory is an excellent ally to develop different markets and pharmaceutical products, thanks to the great experience and knowledge that we have about multicultural regions embedded in a complex geopolitical environment.

Therefore, our business partners find a credible interlocutor with experience and knowledge, able to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of a society in constant change and evolution.

We have an excellent team of senior executives dedicated solely to the pursuit of new business, new strategic partners, new product lines and developing of new institutional market niches.