At the core of our business philosophy is our commitment to better the lives of the individuals that comprise our society while actively seeking for the care and protection of the environment.

Corporation Stein acknowledges the role that our leadership departments must hold for the proper functioning of the enterprise. We work under strict ethical principles to establish synergetic relationships with our collaborators, suppliers, clients, investors, and community.

Our CSR efforts are focused on supporting vulnerable segments of our society, health, education, and protection of the environment. Our efforts are carried along in alliance with different NGOs at a local and international level.

On 2012 we began developing a Sustainability Act in order to position ourselves as a conscious enterprise that measures and evaluates its environmental impact. Furthermore, we have also began to implement a series of steps, and by 2014, we expect to qualify for the “Carbono Neutralidad y la ISO 14:001 certification.

We believe that our country’s youth is the heritage and future of our country, which is why in their support we have opened our doors to provide the necessary infrastructure for the realization research projects, thesis papers, and formation of professionals in the areas of biotech, pharmacology, digital engineering, and environmental entrepreneurship. Furthermore, we contribute to the continuing medical education of our national medical body through a variety of different channels, including innovative initiatives like the “Informed Virtual Library” (for more information visit: in alliance with Hospital Clínica Bíblica