Stein Laboratory was founded in 1980 as a Costa Rican company dedicated to the production and marketing of medicines for human use. We have evolved from a family business to a corporation with a presence in Central America, Dominican Republic and Ecuador.

We are a company with a global vision, with the ability to generate new business models resulting in the creation of strategic alliances with laboratories with worldwide extensive experience. This vision makes us have a business platform to meet the different needs that our business partners require in a diverse and complex region. Excellence in Customer Service The approach we are printing in our organization is a reality in the short, medium and long term. It is the conviction of listening to the customer and providing service in time and quality under the premise of continuous improvement, which is translated into everyday in the pursuit of EXCELLENCE. Beyond dealing with a complaint, we understand that a complaint is a challenge for the improvement and growth of the organization. GROW, Exportation The transition from a family business to an organization that leads to the creation of Stein Corporation, has led us to cross borders and break barriers in the pharmaceutical field, supported by a group of talented colleagues who provide every day their best in achieving this accomplishment.