In Stein Laboratory, we understand that in developing countries we have an opportunity to work alliances on the issue of technology transfer, as these can become a major element in a comprehensive concept of business development.

Our vision is that the company in the medium and long term achieves to incorporate this culture to promote technological exchange, creating a bridge that allows us to access leading – edge technology, which ultimate goal is to place new products on the market.

The company considers technology transfer as a mechanism to enhance skills, build partnerships, and seek an efficient management of the process of knowledge transfer. These mechanisms include collaboration agreements with universities, colleges, government and private sector.

We believe that this type of collaboration is a win -win, since it allows driving growth of various sectors of society, creating opportunities for technological innovation, skills development, training and competition.
Stein Engineering

Ten years ago, we created a Specialized Support department to support the areas of maintenance, logistics, purchasing, management and inventory management, process validation, and systems integration support.

Today Stein understands that the work must be interdisciplinary, integrating a common denominator of efficiency and productivity for engineers, doctors, pharmacists, microbiologists and administrative staff.

Our production tends to specialization, standardization and validation in all its operations. Our goal is zero defect production. We continually invest in staff training, infrastructure and equipment, in the interests of integration and validation processes.