To sustainably contribute to health and quality of life of individuals, providing widespread access to world-class products, attached to the best industry practices and with a excellent service within an ethical framework and respect for the environment.


To be a leading innovative globalized pharmaceutical company in the markets in which we operate, with an offer of affordable quality products and oriented to overall health of people.



We share our successes and failures and we encourage obtaining knowledge and generating new ideas that allow us to achieve continuous improvement and competitive advantage.


We share the Vision and Values of the company.

We are part of an ambitious project and we make our every to success.


We know that our employees, customers and suppliers are the basis for the success of the company, so we listen and treat them with objectivity, balancing their interests and the company’s interests.


We recognize and reward the excellence of our employees and our teams in achieving goals.


We know the needs of our internal and external customers and work to meet and exceed their expectations consistently providing a quality experience.


We have the will and courage to seek and seize opportunities and meet the challenges, keeping the north defined by the leaders of our organization.

We contribute as individuals, as a team and as a company to improve the quality of life of our employees and the communities that the organization reaches.