In Stein, the word future has been the key to success. Keeping eyes fixed on our future, we are always running, facing challenges with optimism and adapting to changing times. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to add talent to produce that success. Our ability to understand time is part of the strategic thinking of the Corporation. In Stein, we are aligned to the new global culture of compliance with quality standards and competitiveness, which allows us to be at the forefront as a corporation of experience and credibility in the region. The first decade of this new century (2000-2010) was marked by great challenges. Changes in legislation such as intellectual property issues, pharmaceutical development of a large number of products and the challenge to expand the borders. In 2011, we opened new goals that we have set for this second decade of the new millennium, including:

– We launched 20 new brands.
– We opened two new export markets Dominican Republic and Nicaragua, and established our own patent office.
– We obtained the Award of Merit Industrial Exporter Effort 2010, thanks to its history, leadership in the domestic pharmaceutical industry and its achievements in international trade.

In the next five years we will focus on:

– Growing Stein´s product portfolio in lines such as cardiology, gastroenterology and gynecology, as well as the development of a new line in Neuroscience.
– We will continue to invest in our human talent. We will expand our plant and consolidate our strong position in the Central Market, Ecuador and Dominican Republic.

Our challenge is that our expansion is translated into improved quality of life for our customers, ensuring access to medicines made with the highest standards of excellence and quality.